About Us

``Our goal is to bring the world of pharmacy back to its roots. We strive to give unconditional patient care, satisfaction, and a feeling of trust that only dedicated pharmacists can provide. We will make sure every single one of our patients gets the care that they deserve.``

-Jack Korbutov, R.Ph., PharmD

The first and only pharmacy in downtown Philadelphia that is exclusive to compounding. We strive for our three principles in every single prescription:
  • Accuracy for dosing
  • Strong clinical collaboration with physicians
  • Top of the line pharmaceutical ingredients and elegance
We promise to work with physicians and patients as a triad to come up with the best formulation possible. Although we don’t solely focus on any area of compounding, our specialties will include:
  • BHRT (Bio Identical Hormone Replacement)
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Dermatology

Owner Jack D. Korbutov, R.Ph, PharmD, FACA, FACVP has had a long term goal of compounding to serve the surrounding community as best as possible. His affiliations include:

• Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy at the University of the Sciences
• Member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America
• Graduate of the Comprehensive Compounding Course of PCCA
• Member of PARD: Philadelphia Association of Retail Druggists

• Fellow of the American College of Apothecaries

• Fellow of the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists