What is compounding?

Despite seeming like a revolutionary idea, compounding is the way pharmacy was practiced before mass manufacturing of medications was possible. Compounding is the art and science of making custom made medications for each individual patient. Now through advancements of science and technology, The Art of Medicine is able to continue this tradition of customizing virtually any medication for any human or animal. 

What can we do??
  • Providing medication to patients that may be allergic to an ingredient in a mass produced medication.
  • Provide a more flavorful option to what is currently on the market.
  • Offer a more exact ratio of hormones to patients undergoing hormone therapy.
  • Find other ways to deliver a drug into the body if the first option is intolerable.
  • Any many, many more!
How do I fill a prescription?

There are three ways to fill your compounded prescription:

  • Have your doctor’s office call us at (215) 238-9055
  • Have your doctor’s office fax us at (215) 238-9033
  • Come in with the script yourself at the address listed below:

1335 Mt. Vernon St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Who can write a prescription for a compounded medication?

Anyone licensed to write traditional prescriptions can prescribe a compounded medication! If your physician is unsure how to write for one, just have them call us at (215) 238-9055. We would be more than happy to assist in finding the best custom medication for you.

Will insurance pay for my compounded prescription?

We accept most major insurance companies. In the case that we do not, we will give you a reimbursement form to forward to your insurance company.

How long does it take to fill a compounded medication?

Unlike traditional retail pharmacies, compounding requires expert knowledge and skill of preparing medications for dispensing. This may include: measuring, weighing, mixing, heating, cooling, pH adjusting, and many more techniques. Due to the variability of each medication, please call or talk to the pharmacist on staff for a more accurate waiting time.

How can I pick up my medication?

Ideally, we would love for you to come into our store to pick up your medication. This allows us to get to know you and educate you to the fullest on your unique medication. If this is not an option, we will work with you to find the best solution to deliver to wherever is convenient for you.