Jack Korbutov RPh, PharmD, FACA, FACVP

President, Founder

Jack grew up in the Philadelphia area and always had a knack for business. Since childhood, he worked for his dad and mom in multiple small business settings, learning and mastering the lost art of customer service. Jack attended the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy at USciences with the goal of one day owning his own pharmacy. After a brief professional stint in a retail pharmacy, just one year after graduating, he opened the doors of The Art of Medicine. Since then, he’s grown the business into Philadelphia’s premier compounding-only pharmacy. He’s gained the trust of hundreds of prescribers, been published in a major medical journal, precepted over 100 students, and affected the lives of thousands of patients. He is currently a Fellow of both the American College of Apothecaries and the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists.

"Big Pharmacy" quality and ease, with "Small Pharmacy" service and respect.

You and your loved ones deserve the best.