About Us

Art Of Medicine

Vision and Mission

From day one, we’ve brought the world of pharmacy back to its roots. Passionate patient/client care, a superb product, and advanced technology is what makes us who we are. We are a compounding-only pharmacy that aims to personalize medication for each individual that we come across. At The Art of Medicine, we provide “Big Pharmacy” quality and ease, with “Small Pharmacy” service and respect. We pride ourselves in being Philadelphia’s compounding experts in both human and veterinary medicine.


Established in 2012, in a small 400 square foot space, we began our compounding journey. Our founder, Jack Korbutov, quickly established The Art of Medicine as a unique source of knowledge and offering for local physicians and patients. Since then, we’ve expanded our reach to six states and are involved in multiple facets of medicine.

"Big Pharmacy" quality and ease, with "Small Pharmacy" service and respect.

You and your loved ones deserve the best.