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Compounding can seem complicated, frustrating, and confusing. Let us take all of those worries away.

We are uniquely positioned to provide “Big Pharmacy” quality and ease, with “Small Pharmacy” service and respect. That means you will always receive a quality product with the customer service you deserve.

How we help patients

Pet Owners

We are animal lovers at our core (seriously, it’s part of the interview process), and we stand by our products and service. Compounding can seem complex, but we make it easy. Our goal is to treat you and your furry (or feathery, or scaly) one like family.

Mini "tic-tac" size capsules: Ask about our Cardiac Cocktailz!

Splitting or quartering multiple heart meds multiple times a day? Let us take the hassle out of it. We can accurately dose up to six heart medications into a capsule smaller than a tic-tac. Small font – *Limitations apply*

Multiple medication combinations for compliance

We know how hard it may be to give your pet their medication. Let us help you make this a once-a-day hassle. If you have multiple medications that have to be given at the same time, we may be able to combine them into a single capsule, liquid suspension, or treat. 

Transdermal medication

We don’t call it a miracle, but our cat owners do. Did you know that a fussy cat can be given their medication in a cream rubbed into the ear? It’s one of our favorite dosage forms to compound. Some popular ones are methimazole, fluoxetine, etc.

Flavored treats

Your pets medication, except tasty! Drop these flavored medicated treats in their food for easy administration. Your furry one will love our peanut butter beef, cheesy chicken bacon, fish, or chicken flavored treats.

Same-day antibiotic fills

We know how important it is to treat infections ASAP. Don’t wait for the other pharmacies to ship. We’ll prioritize antibiotics to make sure you can get them same-day.

Supporting health through therapy

Are you curious about compounding? We’re happy to give you a crash course or discuss specifics for one of your patients. We’ll explore custom formulations for your unique circumstances – but we need to speak with your doctor first.

Integrative/Function Medicine

While traditional, modern medicine is a miracle for treating symptoms of disease, Integrative/Functional medicine focuses on the root cause of these diseases.

Low Dose Naltrexone

One of the most critical medications we compound, Low Dose Naltrexone has become a staple in regulating an over-inflammatory immune system.


The Art of Medicine has been continuously finding the crossroads of affordability, clinical utility, and hard-to-find active ingredients for years.

Ketamine Therapy

A decades old drug with cutting edge modern uses. Our ketamine compounds have helped thousands with crippling psychiatric/neurologic disorders


From our easy-to-use transdermal pens to our delicious medicated treats, we take our love to the next level when caring for your little (or big) ones.


We offer a virtually limitless combination of active ingredients, dosage forms, and dosages. Contact us to see if we can help with your unique needs.

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