Ketamine Therapy

A decades old drug with cutting edge modern uses. Our ketamine compounds have helped thousands with crippling psychiatric/neurologic disorders.

What is Ketamine Therapy?

Several clinical trials have proven Ketamine’s potential in depression, anxiety, PTSD, post partum depression, migraines, alcoholism, addiction, and much more. We’ve created the the perfect crossroad of available dosage forms, custom protocols, and affordability. Our dosage forms include: Rapid Dissolve Tablets (RDTs), Troches/Lozenges, Nasal Sprays, Suppositories, Oral Capsules, and more.

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Is it expensive?

No! Our average per unit cost is $3.50, with a minimum to dispense of $54.

How do I know what dose is right for me/for my patient?

We can help! After a brief consultation with our pharmacist, we can assess your goals and provide a custom recommendation.

How do I know which dosage form to choose?

Dosage form choose is one of the most important you can make in treatment. Through our experience, we can recommend what is right for you or your patient.

I heard Ketamine can be addicting?

Ketamine is a DEA Schedule CIII medication, and is considered to be addicting in nature. We have strict policies in place to eliminate abuse or mishandling.

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