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Compounding can seem complicated, frustrating, and confusing. Let us take all of those worries away.

We are uniquely positioned to provide “Big Pharmacy” quality and ease, with “Small Pharmacy” service and respect. That means you will always receive a quality product with the customer service you deserve.

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Proudly serving both human and veterinary patients unique compounds since 2012. Our exclusive ingredients and state of the art equipment allow us to customize medicine. Just how it should be.


We work with the top dermatologists in the area offering solutions for resistant pruritis, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, warts, bleaching alternatives, etc. The list is not limited to the above, and we frequently come up with new solutions. Our ability to combine and specifically dose many active ingredients with our array of bases is a great tool for any dermatologist to have in their back pocket.

Hormone Replacement

Whether it be andropause or menopause, we don’t like any pause on life. We have all the hormones, including thyroid hormones, needed to customize your patient’s road to successful therapy and wellness. We offer hormone creams, capsules, suppositories, and troches (RDTs) for your hormone needs.

Hormone Replacement

Low Dose Naltrexone is quickly being recognized as a “wonder drug” for many ailments. We have been compounding LDN since day one and are happy to provide virtually any dose in capsule or suspension for your individual needs. We are proud to be the chosen provider of LDN for dozens of doctors in the area. Our guaranteed, top of the line service and same day filling capabilities will mean you or your patient will receive a customized option and service that can’t be beat.


The more we discover about the brain, the more we see need for customized therapy. We are the regional compounding experts in headache management, drug dependence tapering, and hard-to-find active ingredients. Our various dosage forms, varying from nasal sprays to sublinguals, allow us to give a struggling patient relief.


Since our doors opened, we’ve been trusted by local Ob/Gyn’s for a multitude of reasons. We can offer patients unique dosage forms, more appropriate dosages, combinations of several medications in one, and offer hard-to-find medications. Whether it’s a new mother with nipple pain, or a menopausal woman not happy with what current retail pharmacies can offer, and everything in between, we can almost always help.

Rectal Formulations

Compounding can be a terrific solution for those experiencing rectal issues such as anal fissures. Our goal is to provide relief with same filling of various compounds, including Calcium Channel Blockers combined with lidocaine.

Supporting health through therapy

Are you curious about compounding? We’re happy to give you a crash course or discuss specifics for one of your patients. We’ll explore custom formulations for your unique circumstances – but we need to speak with your doctor first.

Integrative/Function Medicine

While traditional, modern medicine is a miracle for treating symptoms of disease, Integrative/Functional medicine focuses on the root cause of these diseases.

Low Dose Naltrexone

One of the most critical medications we compound, Low Dose Naltrexone has become a staple in regulating an over-inflammatory immune system.


The Art of Medicine has been continuously finding the crossroads of affordability, clinical utility, and hard-to-find active ingredients for years.

Ketamine Therapy

A decades old drug with cutting edge modern uses. Our ketamine compounds have helped thousands with crippling psychiatric/neurologic disorders


From our easy-to-use transdermal pens to our delicious medicated treats, we take our love to the next level when caring for your little (or big) ones.


We offer a virtually limitless combination of active ingredients, dosage forms, and dosages. Contact us to see if we can help with your unique needs.

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